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Why Spark Cups

SPARK CUPS is the shortest link between experienced factories and your doorstep for recyclable, compostable paper cups, reusable plastic cups, porcelain crockery and other sustainable packaging such as lids, sleeves, bowls and more. We source globally at certified factories and are obsessed to find the best quality for the sharpest price.

Do you know how to source the right quality? The right thickness, firmness, heat resistance, consistency for vending to avoid machine breakdowns, and how to comply with PPWR / SUP regulation? Get in touch so you can focus on your core business!

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Sustainability & Quality go hand in hand

SPARK CUPS focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). No child labor, good working conditions, and further sustainable efforts are key. We demand certificates, arrange audits, and frequently visit our production facilities. They participate in sustainability standards such as SEDEX, BSCI, PEFC, FSC, ISO14001, and more.

From responsible sourcing of materials to eco-friendly manufacturing, investing in solar panels, water & waste recycling, and more, we aim to contribute to a sustainable future. Together, let’s make every cup count!

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Ready to simplify your sourcing? Whether you're an international coffee chain, coffee roaster, operator, food tech company, let's together define your needs and reach your goals!

Located in the Netherlands, SPARK CUPS operates at the intersection of innovation and sustainability. We understand the importance of eco-friendly choices and reliability. With a focus on recyclability and reusability, we aim to contribute to a world where you and your clients can enjoy every sip hassle free.

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Recycling program


Did you know that paper can be recycled multiple times? At SPARK CUPS we don’t believe in waste. Wherever possible we should try to contribute to a greener planet.

As part of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation / SUP guidelines, stricter rules around cup takeback/recycling are expected to become the norm. Curious to find out if a recycling scheme in your market is already available? Please leave your contact details and together we can make an impact, one cup at a time!

Interested to recycle your used cups?

About us


We are here to make your brand sparkle. Our mission is to become a positive spark in your daily life. Because something as tiny as a spark can be the start of something great: a spark of inspiration, the first love spark on a first date, an inner spark that enlightens unstoppable motivation, or a spark that creates memorable moments of happiness and joy.

How often do you think you hold a cup in your hand? Let us tell you… quite often. Worldwide we drink over 37 billion cups of coffee, water & tea, daily. Making these moments memorable, we offer solutions for:

Paper cups in all sizes:
- Single Wall / Double Wall / Ripple Wall / Vending / Hot / Cold
- PE / PLA / Aqueous / Bagasse plastic free

Reusable plastic cups:
- All sizes, colors available including lids, rubber sleeves

Porcelain cups:
- Espresso / Lungo / Cappuccino / Latte / Mugs

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